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Non-commercial use:
Use of Mario Duguay's images on personal Web sites
Mario Duguay is profoundly touched by the interest expressed by thousands of people to use his images on their Web sites. Mario Duguay grants you the right to download his images for free from his site at and to use them for personal, non-profit purposes.
• Use only the images on the site
• Given the large number of requests received, please do not make a request.
• On your site, you must credit the image with the text “Image by Mario Duguay”, and a link to must be visible.
• No abuse of this granting of permission will be tolerated.
Commercial use:
Book and CD covers
• Your publisher must contact the artist at the following address:
• If your project is approved by the artist, a royalty fee of CAN$200 per image must be paid. Additional fees for shipping the image on a DVD will be charged based on your region.
• Fees for the use of images and for shipping are payable by money order or PayPal.
• A high-resolution image will be shipped to you on a DVD, in .tiff and .jpeg formats.
• Allow for several weeks to finalize any transaction.
• Once you have the image, you may only use it for the purpose for which you paid the royalty. It is prohibited to use the image for any other purpose.
Commissions (custom orders):
You may make a special order for a painting, according to your request. The base cost for creating a work is CAN$2500, payable upon signature of the contract that will be sent to you prior to starting the painting.
The commissioned work must at all times respect the pictorial style of the artist.
A sketch shall be produced for the fee of $500, payable upon signature of the contract.
The final work shall be produced for the fee of $2000.
If the physical work can be sold by the artist and accepted by an art gallery, the commissioned image does not need to be purchased as an original work by the person making the request.
If the physical work cannot be sold by the artist and is not likely to be accepted by an art gallery in the case of a pictorial style that differs too much from the artist's other works, the commissioned image must be purchased at market price as an original work by the person making the request. The original painting thus becomes the property of the person making the request.

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