Mario Duguay
Mario Duguay
Canada,  June 22 1970

All of life swings between these two contradictory elements of existence—but ones that are so essential to our evolution as humans: the dark to evoke doubt, questioning, fear, anxiety, hardship; and light, representing freedom, joy, wonder, discovery, hope, wisdom. And since humans are constantly evolving, we must experience these two poles to better understand our existence and find greater balance in our personal and social lives.
His personal search within himself has led to a deep spirituality and unique style of artistic expression very much his own.
Imbued with mysticism, his paintings reflect the discoveries made throughout his existence and through his daily experiences regaining serenity.
Mario Duguay was born in Canada in 1970. A graphic artist by trade, he delved deeper into the wonderful world of the imagination through painting in 1995. A self-taught artist, he earned the admiration and fascination of people around the world starting in 2002 with the launch of his set of cards entitled Messages Lumière (Messages of Light). Drawing on his own inspiration to enlighten his life and the lives of others, his paintings appear to emerge straight from another universe where light, magic, and hope intermingle. His work encourages personal reflection and carries a message that touches the conscience of the observer.
His profound hope is for those who look at his paintings to feel moved and to see themselves as if they were looking at their own existence in a mirror. Renowned for his spiritual works, he started his own publishing house and rapidly caught the world's attention with his sets of message cards. The cards have enjoyed spectacular success. They are sold everywhere in the Americas, France, and Japan. His first set sold more than 150 000 copies in French. But success comes with a price. The pressure on him to sell his products internationally wore him down and forced him to stop.
After a long period of hardship and illness that prevented him from painting for several years, Mario Duguay turned within and chose to return to his roots, to express himself more through his art and to paint what truly moves him. His goal: to express his imagination and his heart freely.
His aspirations is to exhibit in art galleries and fully experience life as an artist. This process lead him to make majors changes in his work. His calling is no longer to please, but rather to fulfill his potential as an artist.
To do so, he changed from acrylics to oil and further improved his technique. The artist did what he had never dared before, and took pleasure in creating scenes that are all the more phantasmagorical. His paintings still convey a message, but the culmination now draws on his sensitivity, imagination, and daring. Mario Duguay's works become the layers of his life, which he uproots from his soul to exhibit on canvas.
Because we are all similar, part of you will be touched by this unconscious flagrancy. Because his work opens the doors to the mystery of existence, part of your inner being will find its place in his paintings.

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